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Eldepryl, a pro-sexual drug

Eldepryl is a selective monoamine oxidase (MAO) B inhibitor, used for many years in the treatment of Parkinson's. Parkinson's is a well-defined disease characterized by the depletion of the neurotransmitter dopamine. Generic names for Eldepryl are selegiline hydrochloride and deprenyl. Another common brand name is Jumex.

This website is dedicated to Eldepryl. However, my interest has been not so much in the use of Eldepryl as treatment for Parkinson's but in the potential, Eldepryl has shown as lifestyle drug, and, to a certain extent, as life-extending agent. Eldepryl's potential as lifestyle drug lies primarily in its sexuality-enhancing power.

Viagra has been a milestone for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide as it clearly delivered proof that there is a whole new viable field for scientific medication, that of sexual enhancement.

Surely, Viagra was developed not as lifestyle drug but as a pharmacological agent to treat what had been defined as a chronic disease, erectile dysfunction. But erectile dysfunction isn't a disease such as typhoid fever or cancer of the colon. It's not a disease that causes death, or incapacitates a person in his daily non-sexual routine. Erectile dysfunction doesn't cause physical pain. One can suffer of erectile dysfunction and live on to be 100.

As a disease, erectile dysfunction is on one level with attention deficit disorder, or with clinical depression. One could call it a lifestyle problem, or a deficiency within the range of what makes for variety within the species homo sapiens. Some dogs have short legs, and others can't keep quiet. That's normal, and not a disease in the traditional meaning of the word.

That the pharmacological industry is developing lifestyle drugs is not an entirely new phenomenon. In a way, the anti-depression medication Prozac, too, is a lifestyle drug. And Prozac, too, has been proof that with lifestyle drugs, so much more money is to be made than with traditional medications that treat typhoid fever or lupus erythematosus.

Lifestyle drugs that treat so-called attention deficit disorder clearly have the potential to make people smarter, to increase their learning capacity, and to enhance memory functions.

However, most people believe that by and large, they are smart enough… a fact that clearly slows down sales of these medications.
But offer people a medication that will enhance sexual function, and define a disease, erectile dysfunction, that can be treated by this medication, and you have hordes of men of all walks of life queue up at doctors' offices and pretend that yes, they suffer from exactly this disease.

Unlike Viagra, Eldepryl is not a medication that has been FDA-approved to enhance sexual parameters. Eldepryl could also clearly not substitute for sildenafil citrate (Viagra). Even though Eldepryl does enhance sexual parameters, it does so in an area completely different from the area in which Viagra enhances sexual function.

Eldepryl's principal action is to increase dopamine activity in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that controls a number of nerve functions that, upon first sight, appear not to be greatly connected with each other. For example, sufficient dopamine levels are important for motion control. Because dopamine levels are low in those patients who suffer from Parkinson's, this disease is easily recognized by involuntary movements found in those afflicted. The traditional name of Parkinson's is shaking palsy.

Another function of dopamine is still largely unknown among those not trained in the medical profession: dopamine is a principal modulator of sexual desire. Sexual desire is, of course, so complex an expression of human life that its presence and form depends on many factors. Nevertheless, the correlation between dopamine and sexual desire is so strong that scientific studies have been undertaken to put elevated dopamine levels into relation to paraphilia (a more scientific word for sexual perversion) as well as the frequency of sexual intercourse.

A review of scientific studies on dopamine by Bernard B. Brodie of the Department of Neuroscience, University of Cagliari, Italy, came to the following conclusion: "Despite some differences, most studies show that treatments that increase or decrease, respectively, brain dopaminergic activity improve or worsen, respectively, several parameters of copulatory activity, supporting a facilitatory role of dopamine in male sexual behavior."

Eldepryl is a prescription drug most everywhere, though in many countries of the world, prescription drugs can be bought over the counter. In countries where prescription drugs are indeed only sold on prescriptions, it is within a physician's discretion to prescribe a drug for conditions for which it has not originally been approved. The site offers a straightforward deal. You subscribe and are referred to a doc who issues prescriptions for sexual enhancement (doc's fee not included in the subscription price). If, for any reason, you should be denied a prescription, the subscription price will be refunded, and the doc won't charge either. Prescriptions are issued for men between 25 and 65 years of age.

While Eldepryl may not be the medication that one day will be approved by the FDA for the treatment of a new disease to be named "Clinical Sexual Desire Deficiancy", there can be little doubt that the approved drug will be a medication that primarily works on the dopaminargic system.

Actually, such a drug may already be on hand. It is sold as Dostinex, which, too, is used for the treatment of Parkinson's.
The following is what the BBC, on April 24, 2002, had to report on Dostinex (generic name: cabergoline):

Sex drug could aid male stamina

The drug could enhance men's sexual pleasure.
Scientists believe they are close to developing a pill to boost male stamina, which could become as popular as Viagra.
The drug, used to treat Parkinson's disease, has been found to raise a man's chances of sustaining multiple orgasms during sex.
In trials, the drug cabergoline was prescribed to minimize the effects of the hormone prolactin, which is produced by men at the point of orgasm.

The hormone has the effect of reducing a man's desire for more sex by preventing new erections.
Normally, the 60 test people, all healthy males, between the ages of 22 and 31, needed a break of 19 minutes between lovemaking.
However, after taking Cabergoline, they were able to have several orgasms within a few minutes.
Medical psychologist Manfred Schedlowski, who was involved in the trials at Essen in Germany, said the drug raised the libido to enable the male to orgasm again more quickly.

He said: "We saw that prolactin rises after orgasm and then thought maybe prolactin is a negative feedback system.
"Subjects who took this drug had decreased prolactin levels, and reported their orgasm was better and there was a shorter refractory period.  New developments

"We interviewed these subjects and found they were able to have multiple orgasms in very rapid succession.
"This is sitting very nicely with our hypothesis that orgasms and sexual drive are steered by prolactin and dopamine in the brain."
Cabergoline has been on the market in Germany for several months and is used to treat Parkinson's disease and prevent women producing milk when they want to stop breastfeeding.

The drug had no side effects on men during the tests, according to an article to be published in the International Journal of Impotence Research.

The researchers now plan to carry out trials to investigate whether cabergoline will have the same effect on women.
The market for drugs like Viagra has swelled and is thought to be worth about £1bn.

It is thought cabergoline could have similar potential.
It has to be pointed out that while both Parlodel and Dostinex enhance libido, they both are not treatments for erectile dysfunction in the narrow sense.

Erectile dysfunction, the one treated by Viagra, is a local tissue weakness. It's as if a man who hasn't done any exercise for years is challenged to swim 5 kilometers. He may not have the muscle strength to go that far. For the man with erectile dysfunction, Viagra is like the life vest for the untrained swimmer. A well-trained athlete won't need either.

Unknown to many men, one's penis can be trained through exercise, just as one's biceps' or pectorals. Since I myself have taken up this kind of exercises, my dependence on Viagra for erectile quality has eased considerably.

There are a number of penis exercise programs on the Internet, all quite similar to each other. However, I believe they are too narrowly marketed. They all focus on penis exercise to achieve size gains. While these programs clearly work to that effect, size gains primarily are a concern of a young clientele.

I myself have no problem with the size of my penis, but having reached the age of 50, I, like many men of my age, have noticed a decline in sexual function, both the libido and erection component. That this can be considered "normal" doesn't make it any more acceptable to me. I am determined to have excellent sexual function for another 20 years or so, and I currently have indeed achieved a level of sexual function comparable (or better) to what it was in my late 20's.

Both Parlodel and Dostinex have contributed to this, but so has a sensible penis exercise regimen. One specific effect of the exercise program I am using is that it gives me, to a certain extend, control over erectile function. While the penile tissue itself does not consist of muscles that could willfully be controlled, penile function is influenced by a number of surrounding muscles… and these surrounding muscles are under will control.

These surrounding muscles can exert pressure on penile outflow blood vessels, and almost squeeze them shut, thus allowing a man to prolong an erection, or to cause a heightened degree of rigidity.

I have subscribed to a number of penis exercise programs, not because the first one wouldn't have been good enough, but in the course of reporting on the subject. As it is by far the cheapest, and as good as any, with videos covering all exercises. Some of the other sites do have an annoyingly pushy marketing style and try to convince surfers with pornographic photos, which I consider inappropriate and degrading.

The downside of exercise programs is that they can be time consuming, taking at least half an hour per day, and considerably longer if maximum results are aimed for. Which is why oral supplements, though more expensive, have so much appeal to a large number of men.

Having used an exercise program for years, I have no personal experience on how effective an oral solo therapy with penis enlargement supplements may be. On the other hand, these pills don't seem to be much of a purchase risk on the part of the consumer, as both, the supplier of InVigrex and its competitor offer a 100 percent money-back guarantee in case the desired results are not achieved.

The practical approach

I have a highly practical approach to sexual relationships, and I believe in honesty. All romanticisms apart, both men and women of the human species have a genuine interest in just enjoying sex, and to do so with a variety of partners.
But all too often, cultural limitations are in the way. Or husbands. Or wives.

The Internet has a major impact on sexual relationships, especially secret ones. Through a network called AdultFriendFinder.com, any man and any woman in any country on earth can register to find a partner or partners… no, not for marriage or other esoteric purpose but simply for sex for fun.

The system has now passed the threshold at which it became a standard feature of the life of many sexually active people in major industrialised countries and it is rapidly expanding into the rest of the world. There are, by now, more than 10 million users worldwide. They have reached a density that makes it possible to find a suitable partner nearby, wherever you are in the world.
They have developed a neat system. Anybody can register for free and submit a written personal introduction. This can then be viewed by anybody surfing their database (without name and email address being revealed).

Everybody can be contacted, but only paid subscribers can take the initiative and contact others.
Subscriptions cost 19.95 US dollars per month, or a lower rate for long-term subscribers.
By all criteria, a worthwhile investment.

Paid subscribers can, for the period they have subscribed to, contact as many of the more than 10 million registered members as they wish to. And there is no need to pretend. It's for a sexual relationship. And one can even be frank as to one's sexual preferences. Want a 1-on-1 discreet relationship? Or fancy sex with a pair of bisexual girls? Bored with your husband, though you love him. Here you can find a man for a one-time adventure, as you may need it every now and again. Discreet, direct. Or fancy wet or SM games. Here you can find exactly the partner you need.

Yohimbine prescriptions

Yohimbine, the pharmaceutical extract, is clearly superior to yohimbe, the bark. With yohimbe, the bark, one never really knows how much yohimbine one is getting. Often, next to none, which is why so many people feel no effect from taking the yohimbe capsules they bought in supplement shops or over the Internet. Yohimbine, on the other hand, can easily be dosed to the exact therapeutical strength that is individually required. Alas, yohimbine is a prescription medication in the US and in other countries where it is available. In most countries, it cannot be purchased at all, but one can order yohimbine from online pharmacies, provided one has a prescription from a US physician.
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